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Rupert Wolfe Murray

Happy New Year ROMANIA

This is the time of year for greetings, congratulations, optimism and hope. I've sent my Christmas cards, eaten my roast ham and welcomed in the New Year. But something is missing. I feel the need to say something important, new and unknown – not just that tired old phrase Happy... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Is Macedonia a “Fully Fledged Mafia State”?

A friend recently emailed me from Macedonia and said “we are witnessing a fully-fledged mafia state being endorsed for EU membership by some of the leading democracies on the planet.” I groaned. I couldn’t be bothered. I was on the road, visiting Istanbul at the time and I didn’t have... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

A Beautifully Written but Unconvincing Book about Romania

Problem with reviewing a book is that you have to read the damn thing before writing your opinion of it, easy enough if you’re a speed reader but I read too slowly and by the time I get to the end of a book my enthusiasm... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Romania’s Monty Python Institutions

Getting into a Romanian public institution is like accessing a medieval castle in a Monty Python film: you bang on the door, a beefy guard appears, blocks the entrance, asks angrily what you want, demands identification and sends you packing if you look too lowly or happen to be... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Scotland Contemplates Suicide

I wish I could believe in the promise of an independent Scotland: a land that will be free, green and wealthy. I have listened to passionate nationalists who tell me that Scotland has been exploited for centuries, that we pay more tax than we get, that we have vast... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Why I Love Bucharest

I’m looking at a map of Europe and trying to work out if there are any European capital cities where you can reach the sea or a high mountain range within a couple of hours. I assume you can do this in Lisbon, Rome, and Athens but I’m not... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Why Go Camping?

Recently I was walking the south west coast of Crete, a stunning and rocky wilderness populated by goats, insects and very occasionally other walkers. By day I walked up and down the mountains along the coastal path and at night I would search beaches, ruins or caves for somewhere suitable... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Was Romania’s Revolution a Fake?

On Christmas Day 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were shot by a military firing squad. Ceausescu was the last of the Central European dictators to be swept from power in that momentous year when Communism was overthrown in Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary and Poland. It was the... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

The Best Christmas Present

Why not give yourself a great Christmas present? It doesn't cost anything – in fact it will save you a lot of money – and it's really good for your health. The only problem with this present is that you can't give it to anyone apart from yourself, and... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

I prefer the trains in Romania

I really miss CFR. When a train is delayed in Bucharest there is no fuss. The delay is mentioned on the big board and that's it. People expect it and don't complain. Romanians are used to a dysfunctional train service and seem grateful they have one at all (I... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Classifying Addiction as a Disease Could Save Billions

Romania’s ministries of Finance, Health, Education and Social Work would all save money if they classified addiction as a disease -- surely a good idea in a time of recession. If addiction was recognised as a disease and proper treatment was offered to alcoholics, drug addicts and those who... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

The Blessing of Alcoholism

Books about therapy don’t usually sell very well and when Dr M. Scott Peck, an American Psychiatrist, wrote The Road Less Travelled he wasn’t sure he would sell any. After all it was about the role that spirituality can play in therapy, a concept that was widely... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Should Cannabis be Legalised?

The legalise cannabis lobby should be reeling from recent reports that show the negative impact of cannabis: a group of New Zealanders were studied over 40 years and the results show that the IQ levels of teenagers can be permanently reduced by the drug; and a report from California... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Scottish Rats and Romanian Dogs

I can’t stop listening to the new album by the Stagger Rats, a charismatic rock band from the small Scottish town of Dunbar. They remind me of all the best music I have heard over the last 30 years. Some critics use the word “Beatles” when... citește tot articolul
Rupert Wolfe Murray

Moarte si arta

Am scris pe Twitter o fraza care mi s-a parut destul de desteapta: „Nu citi o carte, citeste un autor”. Din pacate, nu am fost coplesit cu mesaje care sa ma felicite pentru intelepciunea mea sau care sa ma intrebe ce inseamna. Asa se intampla... citește tot articolul


Rupert Wolfe Murray
Rupert Wolfe Murray este consultant independent pe probleme de comunicare. Scotian cu resedinta la Bucuresti

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MIHAI MACI – Cel de-al doilea volum din Colectia

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